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What is a listserver?
The Mailman mailing list software provide a highly effective way to reach a lot of people very quickly and support long-distance discussions among many people. E-mail is a generally supported network communication service, thus it provides a common interface for a wide variety of systems. For these reasons mailing lists have become an important tool for supporting scholarly collaboration. Ease of use and distribution capabilities of mailing lists lend them to the enhancement of classroom education. Thousands of discussion groups are available on the Internet. Topics range from anthropology to zoology. Interested in folk dancing, ocean drilling or Turkish culture? There is probably a list for you. A subject might be of interest to only a few individuals in your community, but world wide there could be hundreds wanting to discuss your topic. Communication between these people can be carried out electronically. Once you have found a mailing list that interests you, place your name on the "list" by sending e-mail requesting a subscription to the list. When your subscription has been accepted the mailing list server sends news and articles from the list to your e-mail address. You can contribute messages to the list which will be distributed to the other members of the list.
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